Realitone - Fingerpick v1.2 (KONTAKT)

Realitone - Fingerpick v1.2 (KONTAKT) - library of guitar sounds. We have included pattern player which makes the game authentic. Simply play chords, (almost any chord, including 9ths, dim, aug, sus4, et al.), and he will do the rest. Dozens pattern style of your choice. There is a mode of 12-string guitar. Fingerpick’s Pattern Player follows you. 

If the “Keyb” button at the top of the Kontakt interface is lit, then a virtual
keyboard displays at the bottom. With Fingerpick, the coloring of the keys have
the following meanings:
Yellow – These keys select Fret position
Aqua – Use this key to force a legato (Slide, hammer, or pull.)
Blue – These are the playable notes of the guitar
Yellow – These keys select which Pattern style
Green – These keys are where you play chords for the Pattern Player


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