Neocymatics - The Clarinet Collection (KONTAKT)

Neocymatics - The Clarinet Collection is a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 which contains a detailed selection of 8 solo clarinets suitable for a wide range of musical styles, such as Ethnic, Jazz, Classical or Soundtrack and their subgenres. Seeking real-time performance, Each instrument was designed to be not only well reproducible, but also extremely expressive and responsive. 

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The Instruments:
Bb Jazz Clarinet
G Folk Klarnet
A Traditional Klarino
Bb Traditional Klarino
Bb Bass Clarinet
Bb Contrabass Clarinet
A Classical Clarinet
C Classical Clarinet

- Crystal-clear Audio Quality, Noiseless 48 KHz Samples
- Dynamic Amplitude Sound Shaping / Articulation Morphing, controlled through Breath Controller/Expression Pedal or any Midi CC of your choice
- Full control over the Sound Elements (Air, Breath, Releases, Keys, Taps, Octaver and Growl) via dedicated Mixer
- Full control over each instrument's Timbre via the Tone Unit, featuring Convolution Reverb, Hybrid Convolution/Algorithmic Reverb and Clarinet Pick-Up characteristics (Brightness, Saturation, Resonance, Volume)
- 6 custom Impulse Responses per instrument, uniquely created and adapted to each instrument's Style and Timbre; recorded at 96 kHz for Maximum Quality Processing
- 2 different Mouthpieces per instrument
- True Legato Performance - Realistic Trills
- Real-time Portamento/Glissando with full control over Portamento time
- Fully controlled Real-time Vibrato
- Formant-correct realistic Pitch-Bend action
- Enhanced Real-time playability, featuring a full range of playing techniques (endless Sustains, Staccato, Legato, Portamento/Glissando, Vibrato, Tonguing, Growl, Bends, Falls, Release Squeaks) without any key-switches
- Individual Note Microtuning with 200 cents range, including 22 ready presets of Byzantine Sounds, Middle Eastern Scales, Arabic Maqams and Miscellaneous Tunings (Pythagorean, Just Intonation etc)
- Ability to transpose every Tuning to any Base Note. Ability to create your own Tunings and store them in User Preset Slots. All Tunings use precision of 2 decimal numbers.


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