Native Instruments West Africa v1.3 UPDATE

Native instruments just released a new sound set called West Africa, Discovery Series. Exceptional sound quality and solid ergonomics (once you grasp the basics) makesNative Instrument’s West Africa set a very tasty addition for anyone involved in world music or soundtracks. Solidly recommended. Native Instruments West Africa

Instruments are all heptatonic (only white keys play) as is their traditional tuning. The black keys often offer variations on how each note is played depending on the instrument. This can be switched to a more tradition chromatic scale if desired.
Several instruments also offer odd “thump” or hit sounds a player would traditionally throw in while performing. Think of how an acoustic guitarist will band on the guitar for effect. 
All of this combines to produce very high quality and exceptionally realistic sounds. It’s a world away from the normal rompler approach and quite impressive.


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