Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats (Kontakt)

Native Instruments Kinetic Treats - samples of children's toys, the library interface is completely interactive, so to control the parameters of sound we can by moving most of these toys in the window. Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats combines recordings of toys (both musical and non-musical) with advanced sound design to create the soundtrack to our childhood imagination. For KONTAKT 5.6.0+ 

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Each of the included instruments contains four sounds, each built from a toy source and a complementary synthetic source (giving a total of eight sound sources in a single instrument). The sounds are mixed together and processed through four onboard effects. Both the sound mix and the effect parameters can morph over time by using the built-in automation. Each instrument (nki file) in the library contains several Snapshots, which show you the sonic range that each instrument can achieve.


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