Native Instruments - Berlin Concert Grand v1.4.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments presents Berlin Concert Grand v1.4.0 - an exceptional instruments, derived from the legendary ACOUSTIC PIANO. Its structural clarity, poise sound, poetic and original style - the definitive characteristics of this concert piano. Sophisticated methods of recording when you use high-quality equipment have provided material for the KONTAKT sampler, ensuring that the Berlin Concert Grand is not distinguished from the original.

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Berlin Concert Grand - the most revered pianos in the world based on the award-winning and extremely powerful Native Instruments sampled engine, providing a realistic and reliable reproduction of the original. Keys, including complete sustain and release phases, were selected in 10 different speeds. Specially developed technique records ensured that the different rates remained the same for the whole process of recording, providing an exceptionally linear results. High-end microphones and audio equipment delivered the best possible quality of the recorded material, while layer morphing technology generates a seamless dynamic gradient between the different layers of speed.


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