Kong Audio - Chinee Orchestra FE 2.1.2

Kong Audio - Chinee Orchestra FE (full edition) - the first and only instrument of the Chinese orchestra. While working on a completely new engine QIN RV (QIN Engine is the native sample playback plugin developed by KONG AUDIO), the instrument bears the sonic palette, adding shine to all types of musical works: whether soundtracks, films, TV, games, pop music, commercials or live concerts. 

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Chinee Orchestra FE contains 31 individual instruments and 86 percussion sets:
ChineeWinds, ChineeKong V3, ChineeErhu and ChineeErhu II, ChineeNanxiao, ChineeGuzheng II, ChineePipa, Matouqin, ChineeSuona, ChineeGuanzi, ChineeSheng, ChineeYangqin, ChineeHulusi, ChineeGuQin, ChineeLiuQin, ChineeSanXian. ChineeRuan, ChineeJinHu, ChineeZhongHu, ChineeGaoHu, ChineeBanHu, ChineeXun, ChineeBaWu.
Qin Engine supports legato, round robin, keyswitches, effects etc...


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