Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT)

Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT) This new breed of synthesizers used digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). Not digital oscillators, namely analog ones, just with digital control for better stability tuning ... but otherwise everything is analog. And it sounds powerful. 

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We comprehensively multisampled the raw signals from infrasound, the lows to the highest frequencies, and made some long ones — up to a minute each — so they could breathe. These signals are added to the nature of the source instruments, as well as to the set of samples.
Unfortunately, these synthesizers were bad for programming a sound. But the company responded to this with its PG800 programmer ... It connected through a six-pin DIN cable and allowed all the practical tuning. This MIDI controller occupied its niche for 30 years ahead and we repeated its graphical interface in our instrument. 

- 48 kHz/24-bit samples, 1 GB
- Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
- Full length, some lasting a minute or more for 'breath'
- 70 presets, extensively editable with save options
- Multi-FX with distortion, EQ, modulation effects and delay
- Convolution reverb with room, spring, plate and hall


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