Hephaestus Sounds Italian Concert Organ v1.5

Hephaestus Sounds Italian Concert Organ v1.5 is a thoroughly reproduced church organ with individual ranks and combinations, in addition to an exceptional sound engine able to restore harmonics, environment, mechanical noise and even more, in a completely customizable way. Italian Concert Organ features a realistically rendered user interface developed by Divergent Audio Group to inspire you during your performance. 

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32 patterns (16+16), from single ranks to combinations
7 sound controls
Key-off noise, airflow and customizable impulse reverb
It's possible to turn off the airflow and disable the internal Kontakt FX engine
6 modes: TouchScreen, FootSwitch, MultiCombo, MultiChannel, TraditionalSingle and TraditionalMulti
Total instrument size: 512MB (430MB of compressed samples)
Stunning 3D GUI by Divergent Audio Group
Average polyphony consumption during performance: 32 sounds
Max polyphony in single mode: 128 sounds
Max polyphony in multi mode: 1024 sounds


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