Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres: the fifth module for atmospheric instruments Gothic Instruments for Kontakt. From intensely high to low frequencies, creepy and haunting, dark and mysterious, not to mention those sounds that are simply offensive to the ears, the FX elements in this collection will make you feel cold, tense and uncomfortable. 

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Therefore, they are the ideal ingredients for using DRONAR to create evocative musical soundscapes and atmospheric pads that will emotionally charge your new modern film production - from puzzles and horrors to sci-fi and thriller genres. In combination with DRONAR toolbars that contain easy-to-use controls and effects, these sounds can be largely customized to exactly match the needs of your project. Moreover, fascinating melodies created by guest composers will give you an instant starting point.


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