Gospel Musicians - Neo-Soul Keys NEW 3X Version (KONTAKT)

Gospel Musicians - Neo-Soul Keys NEW 3X for Kontakt 5 is a library of electric piano samples with a distinctive sound, designed to recreate the exact sound, feeling and performance of your classic, vintage electric piano with the details and expressiveness of the Fender cabinets, and of course with the most beautiful vibrato.  

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It took us a long time to model this, but due to advanced wavetable synthesis and sampling techniques, we were able to come very close to the very rare Dyno Electric piano sound. This particular sound is the classic warm sound of the 80's and it has this signature sound of being very pretty and romantic. With a combination of EQ'ing, chorusing, and using our "Color" algorithm, we were able to bring out certain harmonics, colors, and tones to be able to mimic the classic sound of the Dyno Electric Piano.


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