Findasound - Claras Vocal 2.1 (Kontakt)

Findasound - Claras Vocal 2.1 (for Native Instrument Kontakt v.5.5) is a womens vocal library. Claras Vocal is designed to meet the needs of a modern composer and sound engineer, and has a real vocal legato. In the second version (V 2.0) Claras Vocal Library added two switchable legato mode \ staccato "Ah" & "Oh", which will allow easy change of articulation in real time.

Fading samples can be enabled or disabled, with the possibility to control the time and volume. New engine in this instrument allows the user to easily select any phrase with a convenient drop-down menu, the patch has a new phrase legato mode, which allows the user to easily combine different phrases to improve creative skills and create new phrases.


Over 2,5 Gig 24Bit 48Khz compressed kontakt ncw format samples

New GUI with easy control & fully automated midi learn controllers
OH & AH True Legato Patches
OH & AH staccato
FX Rack
Attack and release sample time - volume control
Main volume - pan controls
Natural vibrato (mod wheel) + vibrato rate control
Double track performance
Phrases & song with 2 sync modes & Legato mode
Aah, Ooh, Mmm vocal sound sustain patches
Two offset samples start control on phrases
Virtual Legato & Portato patches
Legato speed control
4 Cycling sustain round robins sample


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