Bad Cat Samples - The Bass Pedals, The Indi Glock, The Music Box V2 (KONTAKT)

Bad Cat Samples The Bass Pedals is a instrument that can transmit sub-low-frequency content, hard, sharp tones, cutting the mix, giving pseudo bass even on small devices. For KONTAKT & EXS24. Kontakt 5.3+

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Bad Cat Samples The Indi Glock KONTAKT EXS24 is the solution to find the perfect "Glock" sound. We wanted to create something that can be in the mix naturally, without the need for too much additional processing. The library was recorded using a tape microphone, passing through a tube preamplifier and untouched AD converters. The result is a sound that fits well into any track that requires a similar sound. 

Bad Cat Samples The Music Box V2 KONTAKT EXS24. We took 16 different music boxes and carefully recorded each note to create an expressive instrument with all the nuances.

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