Aviram Arabic Strings v.1.5 (KONTAKT)

Aviram Dayan Production - Aviram Arabic Strings v.1.5 for Native Instrument KONTAKT the library of the great instrument sounds: Classical Violin, Baroque Violin, Baroque Stringed, Bass Violin, Cello Rock, Stroh Violin, Modern Violin, String instruments, Electric Violin, Fiddle, Yamaha Korg.

Arabic String With 18 Articulation:
Sultan - Legato Trills (3-Modes)
Legato (1,2) - With 48 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Types-2-Modes)
Gliss-D - Short Glissando (3-Modes)
Scale - Tones Down And UP Faster Along The Length Of 6 Octaves (3-Modes)
Spiral - Vibrato Tones&Portamento (3-Modes)
Trill - Vibrato Trill (3-Modes)
Tremolo - (3-Modes)
Orchestral - (3-Modes)
Korg-S - Different Models Of Yamaha Korg (3-Modes)
Stringed - Connection Of 3 Modes Other Sultan Orchestra And Short Violin (3-Modes)
Breack - (3-Modes) • Spiccato - Short Violin Technique (3-Modes)
Cords - Harmonics And Short Legato Sustain And Release (3-Modes)
StaccPizzic - Staccato & Pizzicato With 32 Groups Of Round Robin (2-Modes)
Orient (1,2,3) - Bowing Techniques,Oriental,Col Legno (3-Types-3-Modes)


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