W.A. Production - CHORDS v1.0.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64 (Win)

W.A. Production - CHORDS - originally designed for EDM production but useful for a variety of genres, this smart workstation will create chords of all shapes and sizes with just a couple of clicks. Try out new ideas for your tracks in an intuitive interface and let this plugin do the work, from suggesting single 4-note chords to creating entire 8-chord riffs. 

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W.A. Production - CHORDS
Place this MIDI effect in front of any MIDI sound generating plugin and hit the play button in your DAW. The innovative software will generate looped variations of up to 8 chords with full control over chord shape, inversion, velocity and more. Then simply drag and drop MIDI directly from the plugin into your project, letting your creativity flow freely with CHORDS prompts.

Global or granular
Use the global controls to adjust the inversions, duration, speed and key of the entire playback, making setting up an entire riff on the fly a simple process. To go into more detail, click on a segment for more detailed control over chord shapes (including major and minor variations), individual inversions, and velocities.

Simple Segments
With up to 8 segments, each containing a different chord type, you can select from one to four notes per chord. The playback of these segments is synchronized with the BPM of your DAW host, always remaining time-locked. You can easily add and remove segments and change a number of parameters independently for each segment.

Main settings
Each segment can be programmed to be inverted from -6 to +6, transforming the shape of the chord and placing the root note within the chord itself. Experiment by raising the lowest notes an octave up or the highest notes an octave down, turning the chords inside out.


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