UJAM - Finisher FLUXX 1.0.0 VST, AAX x64 (Win)

UJAM - Finisher FLUXX evil genius of creative effects. Deconstruct, transform and animate your sounds. UJAM has announced the release of Finisher FLUXX, the third addition to its virtual multi-effects series. If you want to tinker with sound shaping, stereo modulation, signal polishing and deadly degradation, FLUXX provides you with the perfect interface for your favorite experiment.  uJAM - Finisher Bundle 2021 VST

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With Finisher FLUXX, you'll bring dead sounds to life - It's time to embellish every detail of your sound. You control its size, atmosphere and other elements with great precision. But even the best producers will never know how you did it - putting you on the cutting edge of insane sound design.
Complex Effect Chains - With FLUXX, all complex routing is safely hidden so you can focus on sound design. Each mode is carefully pre-configured so you can have maximum flexibility without spending hours just learning a new interface. You can make and plan as much as you like without being overly controlled.


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