Accusonus - ERA-Bundle Pro 5.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64 (Win)

Accusonus Inc., an AI-powered music software company, has released the Accusonus ERA Bundle for audio restoration. ERA Bundle (Enhancement and Repair of Audio) is a set of easy-to-use VST / AU / AAX plug-ins for processing, recovering and treating problem audio signal.

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The ERA Bundle includes five tools:
ERA DeClipper
ERA Noise Remover;
ERA Reverb Remover;
ERA De-Esser;
ERA Plosive Remover;
ERA Voice Leveler
According to Accusonus, the main goal they pursued with the development of the ERA Bundle was to create simple, fast and accessible audio processing tools for everyone. The plugins feature an easy-to-use, high-resolution Retina-ready GUI and are built around the Single Knob concept. Thanks to this, there is nothing superfluous in the ERA Bundle plugin interface - just one or two controls.

ERA DeClipper - The world's first fully automatic De-Clipper. You no longer have to fiddle with threshold adjustments as ERA De-Clipper automatically detects clipping and adjusts it for you. Do you record videos, musical instruments, podcasts or interviews? Then you know that the environment where you are recording is unpredictable. You cannot let the sound source get too loud. This is why it is difficult to find the optimal input level for your recordings. Clipping (or saturation) is distortion that occurs when the input signal is too high. This happens when your analog or digital recording equipment reaches its limits and your system cannot handle the dynamics of the input signal. Clipping occurs as a result of oversaturation and usually sounds like gross distortion. When you look at the loud parts of the input, you can see whole blocks of sound being clipped. It is always advisable to avoid this. But when you can't overwrite everything, ERA De-Clipper is your life saver. ERA De-Clipper repairs oversaturated audio segments and improves overall signal quality. Unlike any other similar plugin, ERA De-Clipper is fully automatic. You just have to choose between Mode 1 (for standard use) and Mode 2 (for more complex cases). Recover clipped audio in seconds with the new ERA De-Clipper!
ERA Noise Remover - ERA Noise Remover effectively removes any unwanted sounds that appear in the signal: noises from fans, air conditioners, electrical noise, hum, hiss and other background unpleasant signals. The plug-in is controlled by a single knob, which is responsible for the suppression activity.
ERA Reverb Remover - designed to correct unpleasant effects of reverberation caused by room conditions. With the plug-in, sound engineers can reduce the amount of reverb in a signal, making it clearer and more focused. In addition, the Reverb Remover can add clarity, clarity and density to the signal.
ERA De-Esser - De-esser ERA De-Esser eliminates any sharp sibilant and sibilant overtones in vocals, which usually appear on consonant sounds (for example, on the sounds "S", "Z", "H", "W", "Щ "). The knob controls the intensity of the softening of the signal.
ERA Plosive Remover - Removes and mitigates the “explosive noises” commonly seen on P, T and B sounds caused by poor mic placement. The knob determines the level of softening of dull sounds.
ERA-D - A mixture of de-noise and de-reverb, working according to special and patented Accusonus algorithms. According to the developers, the plug-in can be used on any sound source to improve its sound characteristics.
ERA Voice Leveler - Volume gain mismatches are common in both audio and video recordings. Imperfect mic placement or heavy audio and video editing. Use this one-handed plug-in to save yourself hours of manual gain control.


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