Gayageum - 12 stringed zither is a traditional Korean instrument of the 6th century. XTANT AUDIO - Gayageum sample library, produced by Vin Sound, contains three Kontakt patch and 1 GB of unique samples of this instrument. Each patch has an easy to use interface and a set of interactive controls that allow you to adapt the sound of the instrument to your liking. Solo Patch has 36 expressive articulations that can be used to create an accurate, realistic performance. KONTAKT 5.3 or higher.

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The patch ensemble contains the sound of two instruments combined together, and the reverse patch contains a set of sustain samples reproduced in the reverse direction, and with the help of controls, you can easily change the playback speed. Each of the three patches also has a set of micro control settings, which allows you to customize each note instrument individually. You can also use the preset menu to select one of several traditional Korean patterns.


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