XLN Audio Vintage Dry ADpak

XLN Audio Vintage Dry ADpak is an expansion to Addictive Drums 2.  You must own Addictive Drums 2 in order to use this product. Vintage Dry includes 30 mix-ready presets that give you instant access to a variety of sounds ranging from softer early 70s folk to punchy late 70s disco. 

The Addictive Drums 2 engine makes it easy to modify any of these presets to suit your exact musical needs. To help you find your inspiration, we've also created the Dry Beats and Songs MIDIpak, giving you instant access to inspired rhythms played by some outstanding session drummers.

The Vintage Dry kit contains the following:
- 20x16" Ludwig Silver Sparkle
- 22x16" Sonor Phonic
- 14x5" Ludwig Supraphonic 400
- 14x6.5" Sonor Phonic
- 12x8" Ludwig Silver Sparkle
- 13x9" Ludwig Silver Sparkle
- 16x16" Ludwig Silver Sparkle (low tuned)
- 16x16" Ludwig Silver Sparkle (high tuned)
- 15" Zildjian K Hihat
- 18" Zildjian Thin Crash
- 19" Zildjian K Dark Medium Thin Crash
- 21" Sabian Signature Hot Ride
- 22" Sabian HH Extra Thin Crash
Extra: Hands (Clap, Snap & Lap)


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