XLN Audio Session Percussion ADpak Session Percussion

XLN Audio Session Percussion - The Session Percussion ADpak is a selection of handpicked percussion instruments combined as a creative suite for Addictive Drums. Consists of 18 percussion instruments. XLN Audio Session Percussion ADpak configured as a complete set, just as the other sets for Addictive Drums, making the process work easy and intuitive.

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The Session Percussion ADpak is like the INDIE ADpak also recorded in The Swedish Gramophone Studio. The recording was made in the largest recording room using rare and vintage microphones run through the studio crown jewel, their Neve 8048 console. The result is a warm and punchy sound throughout the whole kit with a short and rich ambience sound.  Everything in Session Percussion was specifically selected and recorded to work as a regular kit within Addictive Drums, combining the playability of a standard drum kit with the exotic sounds of percussion instruments to maximize compatibility and creative beat construction.


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