VSTBuzz - Cymbal Rolls (KONTAKT, WAV)

VSTBuzz - Cymbal Rolls (KONTAKT, WAV) is a huge collection of rolls played at different speeds on a variety of cymbals ranging from 14 "to 28". Different hammers were used to perform rolls of varying intensity, making this collection ideal for composers and producers. 

Download: VSTBuzz - Cymbal Rolls (KONTAKT, WAV)

VSTbuzz - The Showroom Violin (KONTAKT)

VSTbuzz - The Showroom Violin for KONTAKT is a great library of violin solo samples, including 14 individual articulations and 5 different microphone positions. It's an incredibly flexible and beautiful instrument that can easily stand out in a track on its own, making it ideal for composers of films, games and TV, pop, rock, and more. 

Download: VSTbuzz - The Showroom Violin (KONTAKT)

VSTBuzz - Shimmer & Shake (KONTAKT)

VSTBuzz - Shimmer & Shake is a sample library for NI KONTAKT of 25 percussion instruments with thousands of loops and single samples. The library contains 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms (more than 2300 loops), covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 and separate samples and rolls for each instrument. 

Download: VSTBuzz - Shimmer & Shake (KONTAKT)


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