Native Instruments - Super 8 R2 v2.0.0 VSTi3, AAX x64 (Win)

Native Instruments has released a new SUPER 8 synthesizer to complement the company's line of electronic instruments. The polyphonic synthesizer comes with a large number of presets and also features a modern take on the classic synthesizer sound. 

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More than 500 presets are available for users to choose from: rich analog strings, spatial pads, deep bass, vibrant leads, electronic percussion and a variety of effects. According to the developers, all patches are inspired by the legendary analog synthesizers. Despite this, SUPER 8 is also equipped with unique sounds peculiar only to it: a group of modern presets are offered for the choice of musicians, combining different settings of oscillators, filters and modulation sections that are not available for original instruments.
The simple interface promises to make working with SUPER 8 easy and fun. Almost the entire interface is controlled by various sliders: as you shift to one of the sides, the synthesizer mixes the four waveforms of the two oscillators in different proportions. At the same time, users can change the work of the oscillators, synchronize from each other and even add FM synthesis. Additionally, the interface provides a section for filters (Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass) and ADSR envelope.
You can control Native Instruments SUPER 8 not only through the interface itself, but also using a MIDI controller. The synthesizer works seamlessly with the modulation and pitch wheels, and also accurately responds to the strength and speed of keystrokes. Thanks to this, the instrument generates dynamic sound spaces, fading textures and expressive lead parts. The synthesizer's response to MIDI events in real time can be changed in a special section of the settings. Signal routing is also customizable: users can send any sound source in any direction.

Format: VSTi3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
System requirements: Host with support for VST3, AAX plugins
Description: The new Native Instruments SUPER 8 synthesizer offers a modern take on vintage sound and now for any DAW that supports VST3, AAX formats


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