Ecliptiq Audio - Seism (KONTAKT)

Ecliptiq Audio - Seism, an incredible collection of drum samples suitable for any genre. Giant collection - giant sounds: Ecliptiq Audio - Seism will be an important tool in your arsenal, no matter what kind of music you produce. 

Download: Ecliptiq Audio - Seism (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Vintage Synth (KONTAKT)

DRONAR Vintage Synth is the sixth module of Gothic Instrument in their widely known line of atmospheric instruments. Transfer your audience to the universe of evolving sound, creating awe, tension, energy and surprise. DRONAR instantly adds low, medium and high sounds plus FX, so you hardly need other sounds or tools to quickly create atmospheric music. 

Download: Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Vintage Synth (KONTAKT)

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Autumn Choirs (KONTAKT)

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Autumn Choirs library contains dusty and dirty drones and textures. While you can use sounds right out of the box, you can also create interesting rhythms, pulses, sweeps and much more, using just morpher. 

Download: Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Autumn Choirs (KONTAKT)

Tovusound - Edward Ultimate Suite (KONTAKT)

Tovusound - Edward Ultimate Suite for KONTAKT this is probably the most extensive sound space tool and it does not need any additional expensive software. From heavy metal, old boat wood to sandy soil, creaky skin, precise pistol movement, rustles of bags and coats - this library contains it all. 

Download: Tovusound - Edward Ultimate Suite (KONTAKT)

Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)

The sample library for Waves Bass Slapper includes the world's largest library of samples of bass guitar sounds with slides, jamming with right and left hands and harmonious fights. Intuitive control of the instrument and articulation allows you to accurately determine where to play the fretboard, when you need to switch strings which strings to thumb or pop.

Download: Waves - Bass Slapper Library (BASS SLAPPER)


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