Sonex Audio - Upright Bass (KONTAKT)

Sonex Audio - Upright Bass for KONTAKT with a unique and intuitive graphical user interface has been designed to give you complete control over a huge number of options and effects without slowing down the creative process. It has a full set of effects in Kontakt settings for further customization.

Download: Sonex Audio - Upright Bass (KONTAKT)

Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 (KONTAKT)

Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 for KONTAKT is a distinct, neat and highly expressive acoustic guitar for Kontakt, using SenseTech technology to adapt sound in real time depending on your playing style. Sometimes a great guitar player and a great instrument are not enough. The difference lies in the ability to make a discrete instrument reproduced exactly as a real instrument that simulates articulation and noise in real time. 

Download: Hephaestus Sounds - Jack's Concert Guitar v1.10 (KONTAKT)

Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX)

Hybrid Two - Project Chaos has implemented our most advanced user interface to date. With Project Chaos, you have access to 4 layers, each of which has its own advanced step sequencer, with sub-sequencers of each step for volume, sample triggering, tuning, and panning. 

Download: Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX)

Rigid Audio - Aquiver v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Rigid Audio - Aquiver v1.1 now provides 1000 powerful, deep and floating granular sounds and weighs about 4 GB. Rigid Audio - Aquiver v1.1 runs on a special granular engine that can play hundreds of small sounds without significantly affecting the processor. AQUIVER is ideally suited for film sound, underline and futuristic sound design. KONTAKT 5.8.1+

Download: Rigid Audio - Aquiver v1.1 (KONTAKT)

Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT)

Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT) This new breed of synthesizers used digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). Not digital oscillators, namely analog ones, just with digital control for better stability tuning ... but otherwise everything is analog. And it sounds powerful. 

Download: Hollow Sun - vKS70 (KONTAKT)


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