norCTrack - Yamaha DX7

norCTrack - Yamaha DX7 - sound library of vintage Yamaha DX7 synthesizer format NKI. Yamaha DX7 - a digital synthesizer, Yamaha released in 1983. This synthesizer was one of the most popular at the time and which was used world stars in their music and concerts.

Download: norCTrack - Yamaha DX7

Native Instruments - Vienna Concert Grand 1.4.0

Vienna Concert Grand by Native Instruments - known professional-quality concert piano having a particular flavor compared to our usual "Grand" from Native Instruments. Vienna Concert Grand sound is more refined and more full of bright living instrument. Creating a piano Vienna Concert Grand was carried out using a new method of sampling. All eight octaves of the piano were recorded separately, with every note recorded in 10 variations. Therefore, this tool can replace the sound perfectly natural "living" piano.

Download: Native Instruments - Vienna Concert Grand 1.4.0

Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys

Native Instruments Alicia's Keys - a virtual recreation of Alicia Keys’ personal grand piano. The virtual piano Alicia's Keys was recorded in Alicia’s personal studio by her engineer Ann Mincieli and  sampling expert Thomas Scarbee over the course of two years, using vintage microphones and high-end outboard studio gear that produced an exquisite piano tone with supreme sonic fidelity.

Download: Native Instruments - Alicia's Keys

Ample Sound - Ample Guitar G

Ample Sound - Ample Guitar G is recorded using Gibson Les Paul Custom R8 Guitar, with 5000 samples, 4.26GB, 22 frets, Neck and Neck+Bridge 2 pick-up instrument groups. Every guitar note with real samples -- no re-sample. To get high-quality and not treated with effects, dry samples, Ample Sound chose a traditional, classical way of writing instruments. If you - a guitarist, and you do not have the necessary conditions and opportunities to record their guitar or you are not able to use the keyboard, Ample Sound AGP will be very useful.

Download: Ample Sound - Ample Guitar G

Native Instruments Retro Machines MK2 Library

Native Instruments Retro Machines MK2 Library is a collection of 16 analog synthesizers and keyboards for advanced KONTAKT 5 that identified electronic popularity in the 70s and 80s. The collection covers the classic, the idiosyncratic and the exotic instruments that defined electronic pop. 

Download: Native Instruments Retro Machines MK2 Library


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