Bigga Giggas The John Rekevics Saxophone

Bigga Giggas The John Rekevics Sax - samples in this library include four kinds of saxophones: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. Bigga Giggas The John Rekevics Saxophone the samples in this library were performed by Rekevics on vintage Selmer Mark VI saxes, and each instrument was sampled chromatically over its full range. The sustained patches (vibrato and nonvibrato) have four Velocity layers each; most of the others have two.

Download: Bigga Giggas The John Rekevics Saxophone

Nаtive Instruments Scarbee Vintage Keys

This Instrument pack: from Native Instruments three Vintage electric keys SCARBEE MARK I, A-200, CLAVINET & PIANET delivers an unrivalled sound the most popular electric piano. The character of the SCARBEE A-200 ranges from soft and sweet to a more biting, overdriven sound when played harder. The classic sound provided by the SCARBEE MARK I ranges from warm and mellow to bright and 'barking' and can also produce chiming bell-like tones. The SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET was derived from Scarbee's legendary "Funky Electric Piano" and "Sticky Electric Piano".

Download: Nаtive Instruments Scarbee Vintage Keys

Premier Sound Factory - Acoustic Bass Premier 2

Premier Sound Factory - Acoustic Bass Premier 2 designed according to the strictest quality standards, the total energy of the bass was packed in a sample of 96 kHz without any artificial EQ or compressor. Easy to use with a lot of articulation, including ARCO 3 types of variations in the recording, Acoustic Bass Premier 2 is a great incentive for any style of music project.

Download: Premier Sound Factory - Acoustic Bass Premier 2

RealiTone - RealiWhistle (KONTAKT)

RealiTone - RealiWhistle for KONTAKT - it is the most comprehensive tool whistle, you can control the speed of legato and vibrato, reverb option, attack and release, as well the ability to add another one or two votes. With two whistling styles, round robins, legato, velocity dynamics, falls, ramps, vibrato, and even an ensemble mode. 

Download: RealiTone - RealiWhistle (KONTAKT)

Westgate Studios - Clarinets

Westgate Studios - Modular Series Clarinets for Native Instrument Kontakt provide you with 77 patches with samples solo clarinet Bb. Westgate Studios introduces a new series of richly detailed samples and expertly programmed patches. Modular Series sets a new benchmark of excellence in symphonic instruments. 

Download: Westgate Studios - Clarinets


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