Findasound - Claras Vocal 2.1 (Kontakt)

Findasound - Claras Vocal 2.1 (for Native Instrument Kontakt v.5.5) is a womens vocal library. Claras Vocal is designed to meet the needs of a modern composer and sound engineer, and has a real vocal legato. In the second version (V 2.0) Claras Vocal Library added two switchable legato mode \ staccato "Ah" & "Oh", which will allow easy change of articulation in real time.

Download: Findasound - Claras Vocal 2.1 (Kontakt)

Straight Ahead Bass (KONTAKT)

The company Straight Ahead Samples has released the next release, Straight Ahead Bass, this time a realistic bass library. The basis of sound put realistic performance of each note, as the eighth and a quarter. Legato in the performance of this musical instrument sounds as if someone is playing.

Download: Straight Ahead Bass (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments Discovery Series: India

Native Instruments Discovery Series: India is every nuance of traditional Indian music with the highest authenticity and good reproduction. Discovery Series: India is a unique collection of superbly sampled percussion and melodic instruments, playable individually or in a finely balanced ensemble.

Download: Native Instruments Discovery Series: India

Massive Soundbanks Big Collection 2016

Massive Soundbanks Big Collection 2016 - a large collection of banks to sound the monster Native Instruments Massive. Removed almost all duplicates. All sorted for personal convenience. 

Download: Massive Soundbanks Big Collection 2016

Native Instruments - Drum Lab (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Drum Lаb for Kontakt 5.5 is the library of sounds, combining organic, expressive sound of acoustic drums with powerful and penetrative electronic elements. Super intuitive interface makes the process of working with fast drums and interesting. The key DRUMLAB alchemy is an advanced way of working with layers, which is used by top hitmakers to create massive breakdown and mixes.

Download: Native Instruments - Drum Lab (KONTAKT)


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