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Native Instruments has released a new SUPER 8 synthesizer to complement the company's line of electronic instruments. The polyphonic synthesizer comes with a large number of presets and also features a modern take on the classic synthesizer sound. 

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Ample Sound - Ample Guitar L III v3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-l-iii-v3-2-0-win-osx.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-l-iii-v3-2-0-win-osx.html

Ample Guitar L III is a virtual guitar that brings the sound of the Alhambra Luthier classical guitar to your studio. Ample Guitar L contains two sample libraries Finger Library and Pick Library with a total volume of over 4 GB. 

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Ample Sound - Ample Guitar VC 3.2.0 (WIN/OSX) x64 https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-vc-3-2-0-win-osx-x64.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-vc-3-2-0-win-osx-x64.html

Ample Guitar VC III will add the sound of a Gibson SG Vintage 61 electric guitar to your studio, perfect for vintage rock and roll from the 70s and 80s. 

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Ample Sound - Ample Bass Yinyang III v3.1.0 (WIN/OSX) https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-bass-yinyang-iii-v3-1-0-win-osx.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-bass-yinyang-iii-v3-1-0-win-osx.html

Ample Bass Yinyang III is a virtual bass guitar from amazing Ample Sound company that brings Fodera Yin Yang Bass sound to your studio. Ample Bass Yinyang contains a library of over 5GB samples recorded at each fret. 

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Acoustica - Pianissimo 1.0.15 VSTi x86 x64 https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/acoustica-pianissimo-1-0-15-vsti-x86-x64.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/acoustica-pianissimo-1-0-15-vsti-x86-x64.html

Acoustica Pianissimo is a virtual grand piano that can easily reproduce the soft, rich and expressive sound of an original musical instrument. The solution uses a combination of sample playback and state-of-the-art physics modeling technology to generate a realistic acoustic grand piano sound.  Modartt - Pianoteq PRO v6

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Ink Audio - Ink Guitar (KONTAKT) https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ink-audio-ink-guitar-kontakt.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ink-audio-ink-guitar-kontakt.html

Ink Audio - Ink Guitar for NI KONTAKT is ambient electric guitar that makes it easy to create swells, pads and textures. User interface controls include envelope, filter, chorus, tremolo, rotator, drive, stereo, delay, and reverb.

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KORG - Legacy Collection 2 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x64 (Win) https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/korg-legacy-collection-2-standalone,-vsti,-aax-x64-win.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/korg-legacy-collection-2-standalone,-vsti,-aax-x64-win.html

KORG - Legacy Collection 2 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x64 for Windows is a set of 6 virtual instruments and 1 effect: KORG LegacyCell v.1.5.0 - MS-20 and Polysix, Korg M1 v.2, Korg MDE-X v.2, Korg WAVESTATION v.2, Korg Monopoly v.2 are certainly magnificent in themselves, but combining them You will get a brand new instrument.  KORG - TRITON 1.0.0 

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Audiofier - Riffendium 3 (KONTAKT) https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/audiofier-riffendium-3-kontakt.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/audiofier-riffendium-3-kontakt.html

Audiofier - Riffendium 3 for KONTAKT is Ambient Guitars collection of sample libraries for contemporary producers and composers. It includes cycles of real, simulated, synthesized and developed instruments, which leads to an original palette of inspiring sounds for the creators of electronic and organic music.  Audiofier - Riffendium vol. 1 (KONTAKT)

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Ample Sound - Ample Bass Upright III v3.1.0 (WIN.OSX) x64 https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-bass-upright-iii-v3-1-0-win-osx-x64.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-bass-upright-iii-v3-1-0-win-osx-x64.html

Ample Bass Upright 3 is a virtual double bass instrument that includes a library of more than 4.26 GB of samples naturally recorded on each fret without the use of destructive editing and dynamic processing. 

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Ample Sound - Ample Guitar M III 3.1.0 (WIN/OSX) x64 https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-m-iii-3-1-0-win-osx-x64.html https://www.vst-platinum.com/free-download/vst-instruments/vst-instruments/ample-sound-ample-guitar-m-iii-3-1-0-win-osx-x64.html

Ample Sound - Ample Guitar M III 3.1.0 (WIN / OSX) x64 is a beautifully sampled Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar.
String Roll Editor: Can clearly display fingering, articulation, expressiveness and even noise when playing. Each note has 8 attributes - pitch, velocity, length, off velocity, articulation, legato, vibrato and bend, with which you can reproduce quite sensitive strumming. 

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