Toontrack - Hip-Hop EZX (Win/OSX)

ToonTrack - Hip-Hop (WiN MacOSX for EZdrummer 2) contains 22 ready-made drum kit and percussion  - all in the uncompromising merging of organic and electronic percussion. Get anything from the clean and polished sound of neo-soul and the mean and electronic Southern trap to the to the dirty, rugged New York boom bap – all in one place. Add to this the powerful framework of EZdrummer 2 and you have the ultimate creative canvas for your next beat.  

22 mix-ready kit presets
16 acoustic snares, 18 acoustic kick drums
100s of acoustic and electronic percussion sounds
Includes custom MIDI drum grooves for each kit preset
2 GB of free hard disk space, 2 GB RAM.


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