Americana EZX Toontrack

ToonTrack Americana EZX - a new drum set, in which experts from ToonTrack fully embodies the essence of the genre of Americana. This is the "wild" and the raw sound that defined the format of a separate genre from the mainstream Country and Rock in the days of the 90s. ToonTrack Americana recorded samples in minute detail on high-quality equipment in the famous studio Congress House Studio.

1 kit has a choice of 22-inch or 16-inch Fibes kick drums, a Ludwig Black Beauty snare fitted with a Remo Vintage A-coated batter head and a pair of 12- and 16-inch Fibes toms. These are teamed with 14-inch Zildjian New Beat hi-hats, a 16-inch Zildjian K dark crash medium thin, an 18-inch Bosphorus Ferit series crash and a 20-inch UFIP Natural-series ride.

2 kit comprises a 1965 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle kit with a 22-inch kick and a Tama limited-edition Wood Hoop Snare plus 'snare off' samples. The toms for this kit are 12-inch and 14-inch, sampled both with and without the sympathetic snare vibrations, and the heads are Remo-coated Ambassador X. The hi-hats for this kit are 14-inch UFIP Class series with 15- and 16-inch Zildjian crash cymbals, plus a 19-inch Zildjian Armand 'Beautiful Baby' ride cymbal with three rivets.

3 kit is sampled with brushes, again based on a Ludwig 1965 kit, but this time with a 14- by five-inch Ludwig chromed brass edition reissue snare drum. The toms are, again, 12- and 14-inch Ludwigs with the two 16-inch crash cymbals and the 20-inch ride by Zildjian. Extra samples come from a six-inch Factory Metal Percussion Cross Crasher and 10-inch celtic bell. There are also Plugs Percussion Sizzle Strip samples, with the brushes played on both the narrow and broad sides.


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