Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Latin Percussion

The Latin Percussion EZX for EZdrummer contains the percussion sounds from the revolutionary, award winning pro drum sampler, dfh Superior from Toontrack Music. The sounds of the Latin Percussion EZX have been mixed further at Toontrack Studios and the EZX includes midifiles that will add that extra groove on top of your steady drumtrack.

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Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Latin Percussion


EZX-s are expansion packs for dfh EZdrummer featuring drums and percussion sound banks to be used with the basic EZD module. They also contain additional midi files to offer you even more choice of building blocks for your tracks. The philosophy behind the Latin Percussion EZX is to give the user sounds recorded and mixed by the best in the business at an affordable price. The sounds are tweaked with specific genres in mind and recorded by top producers


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