Strezov Sampling Tickle (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling Tickle for NI Kontakt - is a pizzicato string orchestra sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. It was recorded with a 31-piece orchestra with two dynamic layers and round-robin x4. 

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TICKLE is a sample library of a pizzicato string ensemble. It was recorded in “Druzhba” hall in Sofia, Bulgaria by Plamen Penchev and edited and programmed by Alexander Koev.
The library has only one patch (Tickle.nki) and is not divided into instrument secitions. There are 31 musicians in the string orchestra – 10 first violins, 8 second violins, 6 violas, 4 violoncelli and 3 basses (two of them are five-stringed).

31-piece orchestra (10-8-6-4-3)
Two mic positions (CLOSE and HALL) built into an intuitive Mic Mixer
Recorded in "Druzhba" hall
pizzicato string ensemble (no instrument sections)
2 dynamic layers (p and mp)
4 round-robin
48 kHz / 24 bit


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