Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS is a KONTAKT based library that was recorded in one of the smaller recording rooms at Sofia Session Studio. MUTED GUITARS follows the same electroacoustic principles as The Muted Seiler, including three different guitars, powerful sound design tools and a unique arpeggiator. 

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Strezov Sampling - MUTED GUITARS has one summarized mic position (capturing the organic muted / plucked sound of three different guitars), which was later processed to add two more mic positions (Low FX and High FX), giving a number of sound shaping possibilities. Its unique timbre and features make Muted Guitars the ideal choice for any piece of music. Whether you see it as a synthesizer based on organic recordings, an electroacoustic instrument, or just some organic muted guitars for scoring.


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