Strezov Sampling - MINImalism (KONTAKT)

Strezov Sampling - MINImalism is a Kontakt library that was recorded in Sofia Session Studio with several microphones that were later combined into three positions. We recorded two pianos and a marimba, and they all played in unison to achieve the distinctive percussion and richness of the library. 

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The library's user interface is designed to give the user the full potential of the library within just three patches.
In each of the instruments you can see the Presets section in the middle, from where you can view and select any of the ready-made presets of this library. On the right you can find an FX section containing various effects (compressor, chorus, flanger, distortion, EQ and convolution reverb containing 30 different impulse responses) that you can use to create your own presets and create your own unique sounds.


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