Splash Sound - Epic Percussion 2 (v1.2) (KONTAKT)

Splash Sound - Epic Percussion 2 (v1.2) for KONTAKT Provides you with 14 cinematic percussion instruments. From hand percussion to massive ensemble. Ideal for creating powerful musical compositions. From low drums to tambourines. From exotic Taiko to classic snare drum. 

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Splash Sound - Epic Percussion 2 (v1.2) for KONTAKT
This is a new user interface design - it is simpler, more functional and visually much more pleasing than the previous one.
- Reduced CPU load - indeed reduced very noticeably - consumes approximately 2-3 times less CPU resources compared to version 1.1
- All instruments have been remastered. They sound noticeably better. In general, the library sounds very cool!
- New algorithm for adjusting "EPICITY" (add saturation / add transients / stereo view) - an excellent twist!
- Added on/off switches, removed now unnecessary IR samples.
The combination of 4 microphone positions (Low / Height / Room / Hall) gives you the sound you need to suit your creative ideas. From a tight and dry sound to a long massive hall.
70 built-in rhythmic phrases with automatic stretching over project time. Over 100 additional midi loops and over 40 sound effects samples (hits, transitions, rises) that have been added to motivate your creative process.


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