Sample Logic - Cinematic Keys (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic - Cinematic Keys for Kontakt Player is a collection of sounds traditional and mutilated, distorted keyboards. Set sound effect allows to modulate in real time, creating new possibilities for endless creative process. Instruments & Multis derived entirely from recordings of keyboard instruments.

Weighing in at over 8GBs, Sample Logic Cinematic Keys not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, psycho-acoustic sampled melodic and percussive instruments, but uses these instruments to enter into the morphed world of score-ready hybrid sound design. Cinematic Keys FX Animator contains up to 150 unique presets.

The instruments are divided into 3 main categories:
• Ambience
• Stingers
• Arpeggiated
• Harpsichord
• Organs
• Pianos Acoustic
• Pianos Effectual
• Synth
• Toys
• Wurlitzer
• Hit Ensembles
• Impacts
• Kits
• Loops
• Sequenced
• Transitions


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