Precisionsound - Victorini Accordion (Multiformat)

Precisionsound - Victorini Accordion is a Italian instrument, having registers the treble, bass and chords. We were able to cover not only its refined and expressive sound, but also buttons and key sounds. The result - a virtual accordion, which will come to life through your fingers.

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Precisionsound - Victorini Accordion features:
812 24-bit stereo WAV files
1 program for Kontakt 3+ with scripted performance controls and GUI
2 programs for Kontakt 2+
2 programs for EXS24
Individually sampled clarinet, bandon and bass voices
Individually sampled major and minor chord registers
Key up and down noises, button noises, and release samples
2 round robins
The total size of the library compressed is 544 MB.
All formats are included when you buy Victorini Accordion


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