Pettinhouse - FunkyBass 1.1 (KONTAKT)

Pettinhouse - FunkyBass 1.1 is a sample library for KONTAKT that includes two products: an instrument, a bass sample library created using vintage Fender Precision Bass, with lots of samples, endless alternate notes, fret noises, string noises, release noises and legato to make FunkyBass sound like real bass. 

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Pettinhouse - FunkyBass includes 47 loop-based grooves recorded with vintage Fender Precision, spanning all genres and including 12 variations: fills, slide noises to make the groove more realistic and flexible.
Single notes are assigned to lower velocities for playing manual variations and looping at high velocities. Combine individual notes with a loop to create hundreds of variations of the same loop.

- 1.30GB of Dry Loops and Samples , Full sustain, 3 Dynamic Layers
- 24Bit / 44Khz
- 48 Loops
- 12 Variations, slides, noises


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