Paper Stone Instruments - Vibraphone

The Paper Stone Instruments - Vibraphone is a 37-voice virtual instrument. If you need a vibraphone, this, of course, is doing its job. Each note vibraphone has been carefully selected in our cinematic live room. The PSI Vibraphone is a 1.9Gb 37 note virtual instrument using Native Instruments lossless .ncw compressed format samples.

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There are 4 main instruments:
Sustain (pedalled) with soft and medium felt beaters
Staccato (unpedalled) with medium felt and hard (rubber) beaters.
All 4 have 3 velocity levels.
The 3 bonus instrument are muted (hand muted unpedalled), Soft beater Vibrato and medium beater Vibrato (both using the original 1960s tremolo effect).
All 7 instruments were sampled using 3 pairs of stereo mics:
centre (close)
Stereo (wide)
Room (distant)

The Paper Stone Instruments Vibraphone is a great choice for retro-style tracks, although it can also be a great addition to a virtual orchestra setup, or another productions requiring a more naturalistic vibraphone sound.


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