Modwheel - Timphonia (KONTAKT)

Modwheel - Timphonia is high-quality library of timpani the fifth instalment in MODWHEEL’s Creative Differences percussion series for Kontakt. Modwheel - Timphonia was recorded in a neutral studio space with close and room microphone placements.  

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TIMPHONIA was made using MODWHEEL’S pedal and fixed skin Timpani. The two fixed skin Timpani were retuned to allow recording of as many pitches as possible.

MODWHEEL felt that a lot of other percussion libraries featuring Timpani have been recorded in large concert halls or auditoriums that make the instrument less flexible for using beyond an orchestral setting.

Hits, flams, ruffs and rolls with mallet and sticks. Brushes, bowed cymbals with Timpani pedal bends, shell and body hits, Phrases (free time and BPM’d) loops, programmed patterns, ball bounces, coin and cymbal spins……..pretty much any sounds that can be made using a Timpani (plus some that can’t) are somewhere amongst Timphonia.


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