Ilya Efimov - Fretless Bass

Ilya Efimov - Fretless Bass Kontakt library is a detailed emulation of a hi-end class 5-string fretless bass from the famous Canadian company F-Bass. Ilya Efimov production recorded 12 dynamic layers for each fret of each string with different playing techniques and articulations. Additional articulations - allow you to conveniently and quickly edit your midi notation or play in real-time. We have minimized the use keyswitches, making the instrument simple and intuitive to use. A sophisticated algorithm to select strings in real time, automatically selects the natural bass guitar left-hand position on the fretboard. Manual string and position selection are also available.

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In Fretless Bass the three right hand positions in one patch: normal, soft, jaco. 

Ilya Efimov - Fretless Bass library’s repetition keys make it easy to play realistic ostinato bass-lines. FX glissando will allow you to introduce new musical sound to your bass guitar parts. Multiple legato types are changed automatically, depending on the first note played.


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