Ilya Efimov - Domra (Kontakt)

Domra - Russian folk instrument known that domra more than 1,000 years, while balalaika only about 350. From the history of the balalaika and domra all musicologists make an unambiguous conclusion: domra and balalaika - two different modifications of the same kind of stringed instrument . Only one of them historically earlier and the other later. In this domra - ancestor balalaika. Domra for Native Instrument Kontakt Player. The basic techniques for playing the domra are: pick single strokes (up / down) and tremolo. Other useful and colorful playing techniques include finger pizzicato, harmonics and glissando.

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795 samples, 44,1 Hz \24 bit, stereo

8 velocity layers for each note \ Round-Robin
9 different articulations
Speed and realistic dynamic tremolo control
Strumming keys, Repetition keys
String select
Natural glissando for pizzicato and tremolo articulations

Year: 2013
Developer: Ilya Efimov
Quality: Stereo, 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz
Genre: Domra Samples for Kontakt (Russian Folk Series)
Format: (Kontakt, NKI, NKC, NKX)


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