Ilya Efimov Accordion

Ilya Efimov Accordion - sound accordion library for sampler Native Instruments KONTAKT. Accordion that can play four tone on the right keyboard (piccolo, accordion, clarinet and bassoon), and two tone controls for bass register. The library allows the player to choose one or combine multiple voice sounds using any of the available 15 registers, as in the present accordion.

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44.1 kHz \ 24 bit \ Stereo

Natural dynamic changes
15 registers - right keyboard
2 registers - left keyboard
Round-Robin X 3
Prepared articulations: Sustain, Staccato, Crescendo
Flexible attack control
Multiple attack modes
Detune, Key Noise, Bellow, Release, Round Robin
Automatic noise control
Repetition key
Vibrato key
Left & Right keybaord separate and conbined patches
Chord recognition system for the left keyboard
Accompaniment keys

2 288 samples \ 1,7 Gb (compressed NCW)


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