Global Audio Tools - MATRIX (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools - MATRIX for KONTAKT is a library comes with over 90 instruments ranging from the heavy 808s, Elegant Keys, etc. They all come with a very nice graphical user interface that allows you to quickly customize each sound with to your taste. 

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Matrix was designed to fit todays modern music as well as various other styles such as EDM, Pop, Hip, Trap and more. Check out our demonstration video to hear this beastly tool in action.
Product Details:
20 Arps
12 Bass
10 Bells
10 Keys
10 Leads
12 Pads
10 Plucks
10 Strings
8 Synths
Unzipped File Size: 2.56GB
Zipped File Size: 1.97GB
Windows/Mac Compatible
All D.A.W Compatible


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