Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3

Garritan Jazz and Big Band 3 features trumpets, trombones, comprehensive 16 Saxophones collection, winds, keyboards, basses, rhythm section - over 50 individual instruments. Create realistic-sounding Jazz & Big Band arrangements quickly and easily. Build your jazz ensembles and big bands one instrument at a time, exactly as you wish. Create solos, duos, jazz trios, quartets, jazz ensembles, or a full big band. Ensemble Manager contains a collection of pre-configured instrumental combinations for your convenience.

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Sixteen different saxophones ranging from a diminutive sopranino saxophone to a large subcontrabass saxophone.

Brass instruments with various mutes and additional release effects such as kisses, falloffs, doits, half valve and shakes.
Jazz rhythm section with percussive techniques for piano and guitar, electric and acoustic bass, electric piano and drum kits.


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