Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet - library recorded the best of musicians, of top woodwind players at the Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. This is the second volume of our woodwind series: the lovely sound of John Diamanti Fox’s Clarinet. John plays his instrument with lot of passion and he currently works with some of the most important orchestras in Italy and Europe. 

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Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet features three full octaves, 3 dynamic layers for sustained articulations, 3 true legato articulations (legato detache, legato espressivo and growl legato), 4 Round Robins for short articulations like Staccato, Staccato Tight and Soft Staccato. We provide you the ability to create your unique sound by mixing the 3 microphones positions (Close, Mid and Far). The script features our Articulations Editor which allows to precisely control each of the articulations included and create your own ones.
The sampling was made with top quality gear: Schoeps microphones, Neve and Millennia Media preamps.

5934 samples
7 GB ncw compressed sample pool (11 GB original sample size)
3 mic positions
3 octaves note range
Vibrato, Non-Vibrato, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Accented
Three types of True Legato: Detache (tongued legato), Espressive Legato and Growl Legato.
Optional rising glissando on the upper range (one octave)
Staccato, Soft Staccato and Staccato Tight with 4 RRs
Min and Maj Trills
FX Menu
DCE Engine for dynamic blending
3 dynamic layers for sustained articulations
Articulation Editor
Pitch-Wheel controlled sub articulations remappable to any CC
Improved humanized tuning
Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance
17 Impulse Reverbs
Animated GUI with many configurable parameters


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