Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet - library recorded the best of musicians, of top woodwind players at the Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. This is the second volume of our woodwind series: the lovely sound of John Diamanti Fox’s Clarinet. John plays his instrument with lot of passion and he currently works with some of the most important orchestras in Italy and Europe. 

Download: Fluffy Audio - John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio - My Vibes (KONTAKT)

Fluffy Audio My Vibes - vibraphone sample library for Kontakt sampler. When we were working on My Vibes we realized that a real vibraphone just doesn’t play as a piano keyboard. When the pedal is up the notes are short, when the pedal is down the notes are long. There’s no way to keep a single note long and the others short, like in a piano. In Fluffy Audio My Vibes you have this additional feature. In real mode My Vibes reacts like a real vibraphone, while in piano-like mode you can play the vibraphone like a piano. To keep notes long you don’t have to keep the pedal down, you just need to keep the keys pressed.

Download: Fluffy Audio - My Vibes (KONTAKT)


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