Cinesamples - Tonal Ticky Tackies (KONTAKT)


Cinesamples is proud to present one of the most unique libraries to date - Tonal Ticky Tackies. Cinesamples - Tonal Ticky Tackies is a set of chromatic percussion instruments programmed for playback using a unique combination of sound textures, rhythm patterns, panning, filters and reverb pulses. 

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Tonal Ticky Tackies contains 20 unique sound sources, each of which has 6 unique mixes, providing a wide range of sounds. It includes 30 rhythm patterns and more than 180 reverb pulses. Included are 50 presets that use these tools, giving you detailed control to create interesting rhythms, pads and effects.
Also included are two built-in compressors and advanced pan and mix control with the main L-C-R sliders, as well as advanced three-dimensional panning. The main patch is Tonal Ticky Tackies - nki. The individual patch folder contains all sound sources separately.
Presets: Each preset is a unique combination of instruments, mixes, panning, pulses, compression and any other user-defined settings. We created 50 presets, which include patterns, single samples, pads and FX. Presets can be changed during playback. The forward and backward navigation buttons make it easy to find the desired sound without having to download a new patch. You can save your own preset as a separate patch.
Patterns: In the center of the Settings tab you will find a drop-down menu containing 30 unique rhythm patterns. Make sure that the "Pattern" button is active (you can turn it off to play single samples).
Patterns will be looped during playback of assigned notes. If no notes are assigned, the cursor will wait for the next key press and start playing the pattern from the beginning.
Most percussion libraries with loops do not support tempo changes within your DAW. Tonal Ticky Tackies is programmed to handle any type of tempo change. If the tempo changes rapidly, your template will remain synchronized.
Randomizer: The Randomize Rhythm knob controls the rhythmic precision of the selected pattern. With the handle turned to the left, the whole rhythm is completely quantized, and to the right, the rhythm will change almost beyond recognition. Like the Randomize Rhythm knob, the Randomize Velocity knob controls the randomization of individual notes within the selected template.
Filter: The Filter knob is a wide bell at 10K, which weakens the brightness of the sound.
Dynamics: The dynamics CC menu determines which MIDI controller will be used to control the dynamics of the instrument. Velocity and Aftertouch parameters are also available in this list. 


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