Cinesamples - Handbells (KONTAKT)

Cinesamples - Handbells (KONTAKT) includes a 2-octave set of chromatic bells recorded on the MGM Scoring Stage in Los Angeles. This ensemble of wind chimes was recorded in a typical position: with the lower notes on the right and notes above on the left, which gives it a shallow width of stereo. 

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This library includes full, close, room and surround microphone prospects. The tool has a combination of different components, including detuning and round robin handles. The transpose knob makes it easy to carry an octave, allowing you to move the instrument up and down the keyboard. Bells have an ADSR lock that allows you to navigate through various presets while maintaining the ADSR state. Handbells also includes bells (notes C-E-F-G-A). 

System requirements:
PC: Windows 7® / 8® (64 Bit) Intel® i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz or AMD FX93xx 8- Core
Mac: OS X 10.8+, Intel® i7 (4th Generation) 3+ Ghz (or 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core)
Compatible with all major DAWs and with other music notation software
1 GB of free RAM
550 MB free hard drive space (1.1 GB required during installation)


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