Chocolate Audio - The 88 Series Model D Grand (KONTAKT)

Chocolate Audio - The 88 Series Model D Grand for KONTAKT is the Steinway D274 piano sample library (1939). This particular instrument has been used in various places in Italy and has been praised by many top-level international classical and jazz performers. Although this is an aged piano, it nevertheless receives proper maintenance over the years by highly qualified Italian technicians. 

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Chocolate Audio was sampled in a medium-sized hall surrounded by many microphones (Schoeps CMC6, a pair of Neumann KM184, AKG C12, a pair of Neumann M149). These microphones, alone or in combination, give you the widest possible range of tonal nuances you may need from a first-class concert piano. To preserve the tonal balance, we even carefully arranged all microphones in stages. 


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