Audiomodern - Opacity II (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Opacity II for KONTAKT is an exclusive collection of cinematic six-string guitar and professional performances that will work in film, television, sound design, documentaries, games, movie trailers, commercials, and contemporary cinematic and ambient music. Audiomodern - Opacity (KONTAKT)

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Audiomodern - Opacity II has endlessly varied and expressive guitar sounds that can be manipulated, from beautiful and rich atmospheres to percussive rhythms, beautiful harmonics, lead phrases, sequence loops, ensembles and shimmering stretched atmospheres.
Created and performed by duo Terre Grande from Washington DC, specializing in epic cinematic music, achieving a unique mix of sounds from the quietest moments of dawn to the stunning volume of a huge waterfall.
Terre Grande partnered with Audiomodern to create a unique virtual instrument that reflects the amazing Earth that surrounds us. The unique playing style showcases the electric guitar in its natural beauty and textured vibe.
Designed with a unique new engine focused on composition and studio performance, for maximum flexibility as a professional composer module. The engine contains 14 full sessions as well as three variations, each containing 4 groups of loops and tonal elements such as chords, phrases, sequences, and melodic textures.
Each session in Opacity contains multiple sections / variations of the song and gives you the freedom to use any of the different parts of the sessions or increase the complexity by adding additional guitar parts. Each element within a session is exposed in such a way that you can compose an unlimited number of mix and match combinations to create your own session. The engine provides the ability to play each sound / performance as is, in loop mode and / or in quantize mode for performance flexibility.
The new performance mode includes four different guitar sounds. This sample section of the module now acts as a live performance tool. You can apply a full range of effects to customize each preset, or even create and save your own patches. 


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